Autumn Brown Three Tab Asphalt Shingles
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With international standard, all of our asphalt shingles have CE certificates and SGS certificates. Why our asphalt shingles are the best roof shingles? The main reason is our best shingles roof material, color sand, asphalt and fiberglass mat.

Ang Fiberglass asphalt shingle ay isang uri ng pliancy high end shingles na bubong, na maaaring gupitin nang random at natakpan sa bubong ng iba't ibang hugis at pangunahing layer. Ang ganitong uri ng shingle ay mas angkop para sa bubong ng slope na may kumplikadong konstruksyon, tulad ng pag-ikot, awl at arc. Bukod, ang antas ng slope ng bubong ay mula sa 10 ° hanggang 90 °.

Ang bubong ng shingle, ang maliit na rate ng pagpapadaloy ng init, ay sumipsip ng pagpapadaloy ng init mula sa labas hanggang sa loob ng tag-araw at mula sa loob hanggang sa labas sa taglamig. Samantala, ang density buffer ng granule sa ibabaw ng shingle ay nakakatanggal sa pagkabigla mula sa tubig-ulan at yelo. Sa paraan, sinisiguro namin ang komportable at katahimikan na kondisyon para sa mga nakatira sa tuktok.

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Para sa higit pang mga uri ng mga shingles ng bubong, mangyaring huwag mag-atubiling makipag-ugnay sa amin.

TypeAutumn Brown three tab asphalt shingles
Weight of Fiberglass95 g/sqm
Length1000 mm (±3 mm)
Width320 mm (up + 5mm, down -3mm)
Thickness> = 2.6 mm
Package21 pieces/bundle
Coverage Area3.0 sqm/bundle
Weight22+1 kg/bundle
Wind Resistant120km/h
Fire ResistantClass E (CE dertificate)
Heat ResistantNo flow, slide, drippage and bubble (90 degree centigrade)
Algae Resistant5-10 years
FlexilityNo crack being bent for 10 degree centigrade
Water TightnessNo leakage
Warranty25 years

Product Features:

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1. Wide range of colors

A wide array of designer colors, to match your home, taste, and budget. Special impression and colors come from lots of architecture styles which is different from the traditional roofing material. Its performance of tradition and modern canfully practiced the designer's idea, and the more complicated pattern of the roof is, the more special characteristics of art asphalt shingle make.

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2. High quality materials

We bought 95 g/sqm fiber glass from China listed company,  whose product is famous for international clients, making the asphalt shingle with more stable performance.

Imported ceramic granules from France. Dyeing sand will fade after 5 years, but the color of our ceramic granules is bright and steady, only slightly faded at the beginning and then would remain stable color. And France ceramic granules is big so that your house looked elegant.

Our best roof shingles also need high purity asphalt for producing, or there will be flow, slide, drippage and bubble, even crack for your roofing.

3. Light Weight and cost saving

The weight of every aquare meter is about 9 kg, compared to traditional shingles, the asphalt shingle is light weight. And you do not need to hang shingle strip and other fittings. The method is very simple and it is easy on the interface. Working in dry condition, conveniently store and transport ,easily carry onto the roof. Compared to traditional shingles, the shipping cost and installation cost is very low so that the shingle prices are lower than other types of roof shingles.

4. Excellent weather resistance

Our best roof shingles are resistant to all kinds of weather, like rain, fire, snow, wind, and storm. The high end roof shingles are also resistant to the algae for 5-10 years and resistant to dust for keeping clean by itself.

5. Heat resistance, flexility and watertightness

Under the temperature 90℃, there is no flow, slide, drippage and bubble for asphalt.  As for flexibity, our best roof shingles will not crack after being bent for 10℃. It is not absolutely leakage for our good roof shingles.

6. Easy installation

Most of our customers will ask how to install asphalt shingles. The asphalt shingle is only fixed with nails, self adhensive by asphalt mastic. There is no more fittings for installation. 

7. Wide range of application

Fiberglass asphalt shingle is a kind of pliancy high end roof shingles, which can be cut at random and covered on the roof of different shape and basic layer. This kind of shingle is more suitable for slope roof which has complicated construction, such as round, awl and arc. Besides, the degree of slope of roof is from 10° to 90°.


8. Heat insulation and absorbing noise:

The roof of shingle, its small rate of heat conduction, absorb heat conduction from outside to inside in summer and from inside to outside in winter. Meanwhile, the density buffer of the granule on shingle's surface eases off the shock from rainwater and hailstone. In the way, we ensure comfortable and tranquilliving condition for those who live on the top.

For more types of roof shingles, please feel free to contact us.

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